Business Consulting

A. E- Commerce Consulting

Building a new business from the ground up can be a daunting task, unless, of course, you have the right web agency to support you in the process. At Ardent Bee, we specialise in helping companies create successful e-commerce strategies from scratch. In fact, we have developed a proven methodology for that exact purpose. 

Based on well-defined E-commerce specifications, we offer not only unique blend of the digital, technology, and business expertise but also established industry best practices along with a customised, portable blueprint for your e-commerce success.

B. Marketing Consulting 

Why do we need marketing consultation? How to identify best marketing plan for your business? What are the cost effective marketing activities? How to analyse and optimise your marketing plan?

These above are some of the questions need to be answered within time to avoiding set back in business. It is not only about implementing marketing plan but also to focus on result.

Ardent Bee helps client to see market using analytics and research data. Without proper market research any startup would fail to meet objectives.

We assess every aspect of market and competition to make sure marketing efforts not only will meet its objectives but also to ensure a visible brand presence, a promising brand reputation and the ability to scale.