Library Management System

This simple project is a Library Management System. This is a web-based application project developed. This project was mainly developed for Universities or Colleges to manage the library books, students/faculties visits, students/faculties visits, and any related features. This can help the school library management to track the attendances of the students, borrow/return transactions of books, and generate some reports. The application has a pleasant user interface and multiple user-friendly features and functionalities.

This Library Management System has multiple types of user roles. It has an Admin UserLibrarian UserLibrary StaffStudent User, and Faculty User. Each of these roles has different restrictions, features, and functionalities from some others.

The Admin Users have the privilege to access and manage all the features of the system except for requesting for borrowing and returning the books. They are also the ones who are in charge of creating or registering the other users’ credentials, except for the Faculty and the Students

The Faculty and Student users have access to the list of all books listed on the system. They can also request for borrowing, renew, and return the books. They can also list their previous transaction with the library.

System Snapshots of some Features

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